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At Rocket City Consulting, I know that you want to focus on growing your business and not on accounting. This is even more challenging for owners of smaller firms that have to wear multiple hats. You need peace of mind that your accounting house is in order and that any audits will not pose significant risks to your company. If you deal with contract auditors and administrators it is even more complicated and time-consuming. I know from experience, as someone that worked for a small company and now runs my own business, that there are a million other things you need to stay on top of drive the vision for you company and execution of your strategy. I also know that large accounting firms are just too costly for most small companies. Rocket City Consulting makes is simple and affordable to take care of all your accounting needs with three services: outsourced accounting services, payroll services and pre-audit services.  You will spend less time reviewing your numbers for errors and sail through financial reviews & audits. I will stand by you every step of the way so that you will sleep better at night knowing all the bases are covered. I would love to help you grow you business with less stress in three simple steps: initial assessment, proposal development and execution.

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